Dirty Tricks – ASDA Spooky Scribes Challenge

Kip has written Dirty tricks for the ASDA Spooky Scribes challenge.

This is Mr.Clown, the spookiest clown that ever escaped from the circus.

This is Miss Vampire, the scariest, weirdest  vampire that ever even existed.They always played wicked tricks on each other.Every day.It was Halloween and they were both planning the biggest trick, the most menacing trick ever! Miss Vampire was putting mothballs and bat poo into 50 water bombs.And Mr Clown was sending plastic pencils.When they were used they turned into marigolds that squirt out clown wee.Yuk! Miss Vampire sent her screeching bats to drop her horrible water bombs on Mr Clown.But at the same time he was sending his friend Little Miss Vampire to deliver the fake pencils.The bats arrived at Mr.Clown’s cave.”What’s all the noise?” cried Mr Clown.Then a water bomb landed on his head.”Yuk, yuk, yuk.I’m going to bathe in frankfurters now.Curse you!”.All at the same time Miss Vampire was squirted with clown wee.”Er, I’m going to bathe in mothballs now!.
These are just two of the exchange tricks that happened in the deep dark wood.
If you like Kip’s Dirty Tricks spooky Scribes story please leave a comment.The story with the most comments in the Spooky Scribes challenge gets there story printed in book form and I get another voucher.


We were sent two Halloween costumes from the ASDA Hallowwen costume range, a note pad, coloured markers, face paints and a voucher in exchange for a review.

Slow Cooker Halloween Punch

As you probably know I love old cookery books with old recipes.Charity shops are my biggest source for such finds and nothing makes me happier to find an old book that’s been pre-loved and passed on to be found and loved again.

I found recipe in an 80’s slow cooker recipe book but as usual I’ve had a bit of a fiddle.The cinnamon sticks replaces ground cinnamon, I’ve used the apples differently from the original recipe but the alcohol content is the same.This punch is very warming and pleasant to drink and can be easily steadily drunk without realising it was having an effect on you.

Slow Cooker Halloween Punch

1 litre (2 pints) dry cider

1 cinnamon stick, broken into two

8 cloves 

2 apples, cored and thinly sliced

2 tbsps light brown sugar

1 orange sliced

150 ml (14 pint) gin

Preheat the slow cooker on HIGH.Pour the cider into the slow cooker.Place the cinnamon stick pieces and  cloves into a small piece of muslin and tie with string.Carefully hang the bag into the pot and leave the string to dangle over the side.Add the apple slices.Leave on HIGH for one hour.Remove the muslin bag, add the sugar, stirring until dissolved.Turn to LOW and add the orange slices.Stir in the gin just before serving.

slow cooker sunday


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