Hama Bead (Perler/ Melty) Crafts

Me and the kids love Hama beads (known as melty or Perler fuse beads) which are a very therapeutic and calming craft to do as a family.As well as making up kits there is the free style element of it.It helps with eye to hand co-ordination, colour recognition, using your imagination and most of all they are fun.

My invite to attend the G+ hangout went astray unfortunately but I’m sharing what we’ve made.

Mine and the kids first kit was a circus puppet theatre which consisted of a clown, a sailor boy, princess and a lion.The second kit which I bought from a second hand shop for ¬£3 was a butterfly girls kits.They were too big and complicated for the kids so I did them.Then I decided after seeing a T.A.R.D.I.S Hama bead project on Pinterest I’d give it a go.I made two, fluffing up the second but they make great coasters.The last but not least is Cat, my 7 year old’s pixie house and mushroom.So cute, they can be made into a brooch.

hama beads perler

Back of sailor boy and sad clown

hama beads perler clown boy

Smiley sailor boy and clown

hama beads perler princess

Smiley lion and princess

hama beads perler lion reverse

Roaring lion and back of princess

Butterfly girl

Butterfly girl

Two sizes of T.A.R.D.I.S

Two sizes of T.A.R.D.I.S

pixie house hama beads perler

Pixie house and Pixie mushroom

I’ve certainly been inspired by the hang out and I’ll trying out some new ideas with the kids the time we’re in together on a rainy day.

The projects featured in the Hama beads (Perler beads) G+ hangout:

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