Stone Craft Ideas (With G+ Hang Out)

rock monsters stone crafts

Maggy from Red Ted Art hosted another G+ craft hangout this week, the theme being stones.The stone craft hang out consisted of U.K and U.S bloggers along some children.Each person had 2-3 minutes to explain and show their craft so you can watch the hangout in under 10 minutes.

Rock Monsters

The Kip, Cat and Mouse picked up some stones from along the grassy verge and brought them home to wash and dry them.They painted them using glossy acrylic paint but you can use matte.It took a day for them to dry before I painted white teeth and the kids used PVA glue to add googly eyes or coloured in sticker eyes.Once the teeth were dry, I took a  black marker to outline the teeth and draw mouths.

Other stone craft ideas:

Maggy from Red Ted Art matchbox stone pets 

Anthea from Zing Zing Tree  pebble art

Crystal from Crystal’s Tiny Treasures garden stone pendant 

Christine from Thinly Spread a painted stone houses 

Trisha from Inspiration Laboratories stone towers 

Anna from Imagination Tree pebble alphabet (waiting for link)


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