Project 365: 27-33

This week there was a full moon.I can never get a decent photo but very early in the morning I managed to capture it at moon set. (27/365).
Cat has been trying to finish her Hama butterfly girls.I ended up finishing it for her. (28/365).
I finally got my hair cut.I have no idea what my mobile hair dresser thought I was doing. (29/365).
I finished my first patchwork cushion using this Hollie Hobby panel I found among a huge stash of ‘vintage fabrics in a charity shop. (30/365).
I slaved away baking, frosting and sprinkling 30 odd cakes.Then I realised I was a week early. (31/365).
The youngest is getting to grips with maths.I still love they way she counts eleventeen as a number. (32/365).
Imbolc arrives with the first flush of snow drops. (33/365).

January  2013 moon set Wiltshire U.KHama Bead butterfly girls29365Hollie Hobby fabric panel cushioncupcakes with sprinkles
Project 365

Project 365

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