Homemade Potpourri For Christmas

A few years ago I tried to make dried orange slices to make homemade potpourri for Christmas and to to hang around the flat.I wanted to make it naturally festive without the use of tinsel and tacky hanging creations you see in shops.I failed miserably, burning several trays and gave up.Since then I’ve made at least two new decorations each year to replace the tinsel tat I have in my Christmas decoration box.

So I decided that this year I would have another crack at it and I Googled away.And low and behold, surprise surprise! Maggy from Red Ted Art was top on the search page.So I followed her instructions and I had great results.

home made pot pourri

As usual I put my own spin on them and I took 3 dried orange slices of different sizes and pierced them together with cloves in the centre.

home made pot pourri

I then took a bowl and mixed together 2 tbsps of mace and cinnamon with half a grated nutmeg.I put all the slices into the spice mix, pressing it firmly into the oranges.Shaking off the access, I left them to dry in an airing cupboard.Yesterday I placed a few over the radiators and the smell wafted through the flat.

home made pot pourri

I have quite a few of the slices left over, so I decided to use these beech nuts and seeds together in a table decoration.

home made pot pourri

I layered up the sides of a basket with the orange slices then finished off the with scattered beech nuts and seeds.

home made pot pourri

I also made these orange pomanders.I used a marker pen to divide the orange into 4 then 8.Along the lines I pushed in cloves.Then I took a sharp small knife and cut out segments in between.

I then rolled them in the same spice mix as for the dried orange slices.These are only a few days old so they need time to dry and shrink before threading up  and hanging  up either in rooms or the Christmas tree.

orange pomanders

Our tree doesn’t go up until the 21st as we celebrate the Celtic festival of Yule so I have plenty of time to make some more pomanders.
You could bag up a few slices and give them away as presents and decorate with a ribbon hand made tag.

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