Bowood Country Park

The kids have been off for 10 days for the Autumn half term with Halloween during the second week.My friend Dee asked if we wanted to go out for the  day, so we went Bowood County Park which is just down the road from us.

We did the obligatory walk around the lake which was so stunning with all the Autumnal colours of the tree reflecting off the water.The kids haven’t done the walk for over a year and it was in the height of Summer.They have visited with other relations or have been with friend for birthdays but they just stay in the children’s adventure play area.

Bowood Country Park Calne, Wiltshire


We found blackening wax caps nestled in the moss under sweet chestnut trees.An edible mushroom bright red in colour with orange stems found in boggy areas.We saw a huge gaggle of geese grazing, where I moved far too close  to get a photo and they hastily gandered off.

Bowood Country Park Calne, Wiltshire


After walking around the lake we headed off to the little waster cascade and little grottos hidden in the wooded area of the park.This kind of landscape gardening along  with the faux temple was very typical of Victorian botanist.The temple is 4 pillars, a few steps up to a seating area, there’s no actual temple.But the view is just immense and breath-taking with the Autumnal air and colours.We could view Bowood House from where we sat but this was an extra charge so after picnic we spent two hours in the adventure playground.The kids played on huge swings, pirate ships, death slide, trampolines in the beautiful settings of Bowood Country Park.Me and Dee sat chatting away and drinking tea from the take away booth in the play ground.

It cost us £35.25 for a family ticket (2 adults + 2 children) and plus Mouse.I hate the fact that a family is classed as two adults and two children by the way.

It was a very enjoyable day even though a tad chilly.

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17 thoughts on “Bowood Country Park

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  2. What a fascinating and exciting trip, I love all the learning experiences that they had. Although I’ve got to say that those statues either side of the gates look a little like weeping angels from Doctor Who. The best bit is the party rings, you’re a great mum!

    Popping over from Country Kids

    (Also, I love your blog header, beautiful!)
    TheBoyandMe please read this post..Country Kids: In The Country ParkMy Profile

    • I know that’s exactly what the kids said when we first saw them.My friend bought the party rings but I did bring crisps.The header photo was taken on a walk a few weeks ago, I’m aiming to keep the header seasonal.
      Aly Hodge please read this post..The Paper Dolls -Book ReviewMy Profile

  3. A really lovely collection of photos which actually take me back to when I was about 10/11. My Aunty and Uncle live in Bristol so when we used to visit and stay in the School Holidays we went to Bowood a few times and made some really great memories. I remember the Adventure Playground especially.
    Kate, Scattymumofboys please read this post..Solitary ButtercupMy Profile

    • The adventure playground is fantastic isn’t it? I didn’t take many of them on the slides and stuff as there were lots of kids around and it’s not always easy to avoid taking photos of other people’s kids.

  4. It sounds like a perfect Autumn day, I am so impressed you knew they were mushrooms and not poisonous toadstools! £35 does sound quite steep if that was without going into the house too, but then again I bet there is plenty of grounds to maintain which isn’t cheap. I know how much time it takes us here on the farm. I love the way you take the time to explore things that could easily be missed. These are the things that the children will remember in years to come! thank you for sharing on Country Kids
    Coombemill – Fiona please read this post..Country Kids from Coombe MillMy Profile

    • I had someone identify the mushrooms after I came back from going there.I do take lots of photos of odd angles or interesting patterns as they can look better on the screen than in real life.

    • I will definitely make more of an effort to back at different times.It was beautiful to see the trees not in there Summer greens.

    • It it a lovely place with so much to see and do for everyone.I loved the statues too as they are very worn and eroded but they were so interesting I had to take photos of them.

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