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It’s been a year since or less since I sewn a little gingerbread cottage on a stained top for Cat and now her sister  Mouse is proudly wearing it.I haven’t done much embroidery since then, so when Maggy of Red Ted Art said she was doing a Fairy and Elves craft I thought I would set about doing something different.I saw in Jenny Hart’s Embroidered Effects a fab idea for embroidering your child’s drawings.

get crafty fairies and elves


I got Kip to draw a picture of a fairy and a toadstool for me.I then used tracing paper to copy the picture and transferred the drawing onto a pillow case.It’s not the ideal fabric, linen or thick cotton would have been better.Once I had the pencil lines on my fabric, I traced over using a washable fabric marker which you can get in a craft shop.


get crafty fairies and elves


I then began embroidering, using satin stitch for the dress, random back stitch over some pink netting for the wings (you can’t see it very well), split stitch for outlines.I used long strands for the hair and  a button for the wand.


get crafty fairies and elves


Once I had finished I carefully washed the fabric.All the washable fabric marker came off leaving just my embroidery.


get crafty fairies and elves


Great idea eh? It’s a lovely way to make keepsakes of your children’s art and drawings, just think they will be individual and unique.

A special thank you to Maggy for letting me be added at the last moment.You can find more Elves and Fairies crafts over at Red Ted Art in this month’s Get Crafty.


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20 thoughts on “Get Crafty Elves And Fairies- Embroidered Kids Drawings

  1. Wow, love this idea. Can’t wait for my children to start drawing a little more recognisable things. At the moment it would be very abstract ;) I came via Pin-It Party btw, looking forward to exploring your archives.

  2. That is so lovely! Just beautiful. I need to learn to embroider. Thanks for linking to the pin it party. Have pinned x

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  4. I really like this idea. I’m not nearly as good at embroidery as you, but I did similar on a tea towel. It was lovely. Until the dog ate it :0( She has a ‘thing’ for tea towels!

    • Oh no! I’m a bit rusty at the moment but I have a doodling pillow case I practice stitches on before I do a real piece.

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  8. Oooh Aly, this turned out just lovely!! Great idea to use a washable pen – I would have done it in pencil, which can be so hard to see. The final stitching is wonderful. I really need to do this with my kids’ drawings!


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