Get Crafty Christmas- Lollipop Stick Snow Flakes

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It’s Get Crafty Christmas!

It gives those who are less crafty some fab ideas ahead of time.Lollipop sticks snow flakes is a very easy craft that even young children can do.All you’ll need is coloured lollipop sticks, pva glue, large shaped sequins and stars.

Glue 3 loliipop sticks on top of each other to create  star shapes.My kids did their best.Leave to dry.Then spread glue along the sticks and press on the stars and sequins..Leave to dry.Spread a layer of PVA on top to keep the embellishments on place.Once they are finished you can use blu tac to attach the lollipop stick snow flakes to a wall or gold wrapping ribbon instead to hang from the ceiling.

lollipop snowflakes

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