Red Ted Art’s Get Crafty- June 2010 – Nature

I entered Red Ted Art’s Get Crafty Carnival-May 2010 last month where the theme was All things Red.This month the theme is Nature.

After much thought I decided on a giant wall hanging with fuzzy felt trees, leaves and flowers etc to show the seasons.But where can you get giant fuzzy felt boards? So I bought the latest Sew Hip magazine and I was drawn to an Owl door stop.

I chose  a fat quarter of The Hungry Caterpillar fabric cutting 2 bodies and 2 wings.The wings were sewn and   stuffed with fibre fil.

Felt feathers were sewn along the body and a beak in the middle of the body.
                        I stacked white flowers buttons top of chunky wooden buttons for the eyes.
The body was then sewn wrong sides together, leaving gaps for the wings to be attached and to stuff the body.
To fill the owl, I used lentils in a sandwich bag and fibre fil.
I filled the head first with the fibre fil then stuffed in the bag of lentils.
I used a chop stick to make sure I got into all the corners.
                       I had to make sure the ‘weight’ was central in the body and finished of with more fibre fil.        I pinned back the material to make a neat edge and neatly over sewn the gap.
It was then I discovered I should of attached the wings before stuffing (doh!).
So I had to sew the wings on afterwards and finished it off with a wooden button at the top of the wing.
So here it is!

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2 thoughts on “Red Ted Art’s Get Crafty- June 2010 – Nature

  1. I adore the little crafty stuff that you do! You’ve got a great style :D

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