My Blog Has Moved To Pastures New- Go And Subscribe

If you are a regular reader of PLUS 2.4 you will have noticed or read that I have had HUGE technical issues since September last year.I have for now been managing to log in just to retrieve old posts to move over to my new blog Bug. Bird And Bee.Yes, after 5 and 1/2 years of blogging here my blog has moved to pastures new.Go and subscribe via RSS, Feedly, Bloglovin’ or e-mail.I’m going back to free WordPress until next year as I need to keep things simple for myself for awhile as the house is taking up much needed new skill learning and I just want to blog without worrying about a huge amount of technical gumpf.Not that I didn’t do too badly, it’s just one less thing for me to worry about.

What can you expect?

Well, the I’ll be blogging more vegan and vegetarian recipes.I am reworking my old recipes to on there, republishing old posts as a kind of a throwback/flashback post.

As we’ve move to a new house D.I.Y and gardening are most definitely on the cards.

We open countryside just minutes away, so expect lots of foraging recipes and info.

I’m definitely going to be crafting a fair few things to keep costs down and put a more personal stamp on our home.I’m going back to be more about me, a more personal approach.

That mojo left town when me and my husband split.I’ve come along way since then and I think I need to get over that huge hurdle.

I’m also going to share all kinds of cool stuff that can help your blogging and social media easier.Stuff I’ve always taken granted people knew.

So if that sounds like what you want to read then go over to Bug, Bird And Bee and subscribe! Now.Please.



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